Tax-Accounting Service

Details for the services provided

  1. Services about document expenditure bill, bill receipts to verify the correct implementation of tax filing.
  2. Income tax associated services to businesses of all types. (Por Ngor Dor 1, 3, 53, 54, 51, 50, 90, 91, 94)
  3. VAT filing services Specific tax of all types business-related (PP 30, 36, 40 t.).
  4. Filing Services Tax related to of all types businesses (P.p. 1).
  5. Service filed a property tax of all types associated with the business. (House of affairs only).
  6. Filing Services Social Security And compensation fund at the Ministry Labour and Social Welfare.
  7. Service reporting trades every month, companies prepared the report estimate Profit and Loss tax payable every months to plan the payment of taxes.
  8. Compilation document storage and accounting for purchases – sales, income – expense, debtor – creditor, daily – general ledger, including as a set account.
  9. Compilation document storage and accounting for finished goods, raw materials.
  10. An account closure balance sheet to the income statement on the balance sheet.
  11. Procurement auditor To determine the exact auditing standards generally. And submission of financial statements within the time frame specified in the regulations.
  12. A representative to meet with tax officials, the Department of Trade, the Ministry of Labour. In the case of invitation to meet.
  13. Care for Changes Methodology of the Revenue Department. And to inform the business know how to tax.
  14. Planning, income tax, VAT, property tax savings and accuracy.

Consulting on accounting principles. Management is able to monitor anti-corruption.



Special !!! For registration the new account

  • Free website with advice for companies to market online.
  • Free Logo Design the company
  • Free application forms, invoices, delivery receipts, tax invoice and other important documents.
  • Free registration system E-FILING submitted to the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Free registration (Por.aor. 01) to file taxes online.
  • Free preparation of documents for registration of E-GP (government procurement system).
  • Free consulting, marketing and business management.