Tax-Accounting Service

Details of services

  1. Survey planning and analysis
  2. Designing an appropriate accounting system and work process set, sequence of the work of various departments.
  3. Making documents flow sequence of documents each department.
  4. Implementing preliminary program.
  5. Test and record data.
  6. Data used in accounting information.
  7. Recommended storage backup.
  8. Solving problems arising in the program.
  9. Assessment work – Test trouble tracker.


Accounting System

  1. Accounting Office can used real data and Honesty in implementation by shows the amount of each item.
  2. Accounting Office can comparison in the past and present Quick and Easy
  3. Accounting Office can presentation To take advantage of the administration and loan funding comes from business creditors.
  4. Accounting Office can control leakage protection more money than necessary including burglary and the practice of employee error.
  5. Accounting Office can used as basic data for use in the field of taxation, Business must pay to the Internal Revenue Code, the law.