Know that each entity will be closed December 31 year-end financial statements for submission to the Commerce Department, the IRS and other agencies. associated The time limit to file financial statements if exceeded would cause fines and also affect other areas, such as some companies may be required to borrow loans in the financial statements. Or a government auction, which required financial enterprises, so companies are willing to serve. Close to the financial entity Partnership as a limited partnership company, association, foundation, corporate housing, schools, etc. The individual tax return. Commercial Registration (stores) the previous filing. Income Statement Thailand is the duty of everyone who has to submit by the end of March each year, which is good for those operators can use the tax documents. The documentation of the borrower’s credit loan. The financial institution will ask for evidence that income.

  • Consulting Services about Problems of financial statements
  • Since opening I has never filed financial statements.
  • Do not closing statements for many years
  • The Revenue Department correspondence
  • Have a letter from the Department of Business Development.
  • Have letter from the police office
  • Received a letter inspect the condition Affairs
  • Represented clarification of tax Represent of affairs you Instead
  • Natural persons earning more than 8 millions / year.