Monthly bookkeeping services

  1. Preparation of monthly accounts

Monthly account from Quick Account. Will be sent to you in the form of  Information Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income, Tax Sales, Tax Report, VAT tax of year and Special accounts show the withholding for each tax period To help you understand the results of operations of the business (Accrual and Cash basis accounting) as well trade accounts receivable individually. Account Summary include, etc. for your business required. We will prepare yearly accounting records such as Journal, General Ledger, sub-ledger, Trial balance and Financial Statements, anyway depend on company’s request the monthly report (BS, PL, Cash flow and its sub-ledgers) can be provided with deadline not over 30 days of the following month.


  1. Payroll Services

Payroll calculations, Report distribution, Pay-slip creation, Banking of employee net salary


  1. Provident fund

Provident fund, Payments to government agencies


  1. IRS Tax Filing

Withholding taxes

Withholding tax (PND 1)

Withholding tax (PND 3)

Withholding tax (PND 53)

Value added tax

Report distribution

Pay-slip creation