Accounting Packages

We offer flexible accounting services adapted to specific requirements of our clients. The costs are dependent on the size and natures of client’s company, the volume of monthly turnover and number of transactions to be recorded per month. Our services include

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VAT & Withholding Tax        Social Fund                            Reporting Compliance

Preparing tax returns and                    Social contributions on the            Issuance of accounting and

handling payments                                employee’s salaries                         financial documents

Bookkeeping                             Payroll Management            Annual Audit

Production of monthly                          Payroll calculation and                      Creation of reports and

financial statements                              creation of pay slips                           filing corporate tax return

Accounting Packages

Start Ups                                        SMEs                                        Enterprises

Withholding Tax                                       Withholding Tax                             Withholding Tax

Value Added Tax                                      Value Added Tax                            Value Added Tax

Social Fund (4 employees)                      Social Fund (12 employees)         Social Fund (24 employees)

Filing and Compliance                             Filing and Compliance                  Filing and Compliance

25 Transactions                                        50 Transactions                            150 Transactions

– –                                                              Quickbooks Bookkeeping            Quickbooks Bookkeeping

– –                                                              – –                                                    Payroll Management

Accounting Packages